If it was about money, I would choose Saudi Arabia: Messi

Lionel Messi has chosen American club Inter Miami as PSG's next destination.
I have decided to join Miami," said Messi.

Lionel Messi has chosen American club Inter Miami as PSG’s next destination. Many thought that he chose this club because of the huge money offer. However, the Argentinian star says that if it was a matter of money, he would have chosen the Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal.

After all the speculations, Messi has finally spoken officially about the change of team. In an interview with Spanish media Mundo Deportivo on the night of June 7, he said that he is going to the American club Inter Miami.

The Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal was eager to pull him into the team after getting the news of the end of the relationship with PSG. Inter Miami had been in talks since before leaving the Camp Nou. Barca, which has not overcome the financial crisis, has tried to bring back the club legend. But in the end, the Argentine star chose Miami.

“I have decided to join Miami,” said Messi. Still not 100% complete all the work of the contract. A few things remain. But we have decided to move ahead with this goal.

Rumors were that he preferred the huge money offer to choose the US club. In particular, the offer of profit sharing with Apple and a portion of Adidas’ shares and ownership of the club after he leaves the game, has drawn the World Cup winner to the United States.

Because of which he also returned to Barcelona. However, in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Messi said that he did not prioritize money. He said, ‘The truth is, money has never been a problem or obstacle for me. We haven’t even talked about the contract with Barcelona yet.

A proposal was sent, but it was not formal. was not written or signed. We haven’t officially talked about money yet. If it was a matter of money, I would choose Saudi Arabia or any other place. There was a huge money offer for me. But the truth is there is another reason behind choosing Inter Miami, not money.

Messi ended his long two-year football career in Europe by moving to Inter Miami in the United States. The 35-year-old star wants to shine a new light in the US Major Soccer League. Want to enjoy the time.

Messi said, “I won the World Cup and I can’t go to Barcelona. In such a situation, it felt right to go to MLS to live football in a different way and enjoy everyday life more.”

Messi told Al Hilal to wait.

The drama about Messi’s change of team is not ending. Messi was once rumored to be heading to Barcelona; Heard again at Saudi club Al Hilal. But this time, Messi told the Saudi club to wait a year. This could be because he wants to play for Barcelona next season.

Messi’s father and agent Jorge Messi met with the president of Barcelona on Monday, June 5. But then it was reported that there was no positive talk between them. But then Messi’s father said that he himself wants his son to play for Barcelona. However, it was only a matter of time for Messi to join Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal as he did not talk to the Barca president as expected.

However, another explosive news came in between. Goal.com has learned from a source close to Messi that Messi has told Al Hilal officials that he wants to go to Saudi Arabia after a year. However, it is not known for sure why the Saudi club has been asked to wait for a year. But it is believed that maybe Messi himself wants to play a season in Barca’s jersey.

When Messi’s father met with the Barca president on Monday, he also discussed Barcelona’s contract with Messi. However, Jorge Messi has not said anything about returning to Barca.

Meanwhile, the Saudi representatives were surprised to hear that Messi was waiting for Al Hilal. They said that if Messi returns to Saudi Arabia after one season, the 500 million euros currently offered to him will no longer be available.

According to Messi’s new offer and his father’s wishes, an official announcement to join Barca is expected to come soon. The Argentine forward has been expressing his desire to return to the Catalan club for a long time.

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