“Love is a Battlefield: How to Propose and Win Over Your Partner”

"The War of Love: How to Propose and Fight for Your Relationship"

Love is for everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl. Loving is not a sin or a crime. It is sacred and great. Everyone has the right to love. does not follow any religion or action. What is your religion or what? These issues have no effect. No matter what country you live in. It is not a crime to have a love affair with people from another country through communication. And it’s happening a lot now because it’s the age of social media.

There is love and creation after human creation. If love had not been created, we would not be able to perceive this beautiful world in a beautiful way. The earth would lose its balance. And the human population would not increase. Everything happened because of mutual love and sex. Sex is formed through love. When they like each other, the heart is created between them, and sexual intercourse is created through marriage or life together.

For example, if you are not a Christian boy or girl, you can go to another religion and offer love. It doesn’t matter and nobody has the right to stop it. There may be some problems with your family. The Guardians may not agree with other religions. But whatever decision you make will be for you. You will see later that your family will be forced to accept.

In the present age, one religion is living a very happy life by marrying another religion with love. There is no country in the world where this is not happening. All countries are getting married with such love. Some are happy and some are not. This is how it goes and will continue. It doesn’t matter what love is. will continue at its own pace.

How do you propose love?

People who get to know each other through social media will be the first to chat. But chatting should be tidy, amiable, and polite. So that the sweet behavior attracts both. Do not suddenly express your weakness of mind. Then another bad idea will come to you. Gradually try to understand both. Who likes what, who eats, what likes flowers, what loves to eat, etc.

After knowing all this, when you realize that he is giving importance to your choices. Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Then you will say one likes but I can’t say. He says he will say or propose. You will want to know how to propose. Then tell me, will you give me time to speak a little more directly? Now you will understand if he says where and when. Then you will understand that you have come close to your heart. Take a red rose with you when you first meet.

Then open your mind and talk to him. Only then will you be able to understand what are the indications in his words if he is indicating something good. Then tell her to stand up and close her eyes. Then kneel down and place the rose towards him. And say open your eyes. If I like you, take this red rose of love. If you take the red rose, you will succeed in your first love.

And if you don’t take it, don’t be disappointed. Maybe testing you. Try to win her heart by just telling her beautiful love. You will see and listen to you attentively. Then he will become weak towards you. But remember, if you succeed in love, do not offer her sex. That will automatically happen in your relationship. Maybe sooner or later.

Will marry after love. But your family may not accept your relationship. You have to fight for this relationship to survive. Because real love is sacred and great. Overcome all obstacles and move forward toward your relationship.


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