“Why Messi Thinks Mbappe Should Leave PSG”

"Messi's Advice to Mbappe: Leave PSG"

It is a dancing old woman, and a house of drums on it. Real Madrid-loving Kylian Mbappe has given that drum house to Lionel Messi! At least that is what the media claims. The fire that is currently burning in PSG with Kylian Mbappe, the Spanish media ‘Defense Central’ claims that Messi has set that fire in PSG before leaving Paris. Before joining Inter Miami, Messi advised teammate Mbappe to leave PSG and join Barcelona or Real.

Not only Messi advice, Mbappe’s mother Faiza also wants her son to leave PSG and join Real Madrid. Although Faiza has long wanted Mbappe to go to Real. In 2021, Faiza said the same during the rumors of Reale. But in the end Mbappe went against his mother’s wishes and stayed at PSG as his father wanted. Time will tell whether anything like that will happen this time. However, with Messi’s advice and his mother’s wishes, Mbappe decided to leave PSG and join Real Madrid.mbappe

Real Madrid, who have been chasing for a long time, have not been able to pull the French star into the team. In the meantime, Real has finalized the talks with Mbappe  the contract. PSG community claims, Mbappe has agreed to go to Real in a contract of 250 million or 25 million euros! The amount in Bangladeshi currency is only 2 thousand 943 crores 64 lakhs 89 thousand 150 taka!

If the news is true, Mbappe will become the most expensive player in football history based on contract value. Until now, Mbappe’s club teammate Neymar is the owner of this title. In 2017, Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona in a deal worth 222 million euros. Which is still the biggest contract record in football history. Mbappe’s contract is 28 million euros more than the media claims. However, the middle club of 250 million euros will receive 200 million euros. The remaining 50 million euros will go into Mbappe’s pocket, as a bonus.

Real has been behind Mbappe since 2017. Mbappe has promised Real that one day he will step into the Bernabeu. “Defensa Central” claims, before leaving Paris, Messi gave advice or advice to Mbappe to fulfill that desire, “I want you to join Barcelona.” But if you want to go to Real Madrid, go there. A truly winning project is worth joining.”

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