Pakistan has finalized the venue of the Asia Cup!

Asia Cup Pakistan 2023
Asia Cup Pakistan

Pakistan is the host of this year’s Asia Cup. India has made it clear that it will not play the Asia Cup in Pakistan due to political reasons. India wants to play at neutral venues. Still, the PCB, determined to host the Asia Cup at home, has already given two hybrid models. A general meeting will be held in Ahmedabad on May 27 in this regard. In that meeting, all speculations will be settled

However, the PCB has finalized two venues amid uncertainty about the Asia Cup. Pakistan’s TV channel Geo News said so. They said that four matches of the first phase of the tournament will be held at the Gaddafi National Stadium in Lahore. The next matches will be held at the Dubai International Stadium. Dubai is likely to sell more tickets than Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. However, neither the PCB nor the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has yet officially announced anything about it.

It was one of two hybrid models offered by the PCB, where India’s matches were played at neutral venues. All remaining matches will be played in Pakistan. Another option was to play the first four matches of the group stage in Pakistan. In the second phase, the final with India’s match will be held at a neutral venue.

Earlier PCB Management Committee Chairman Najam Shetty said that if the Indian team does not come to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup, then the Pakistan government will not allow the national team to participate in the World Cup. In that case, cricket will suffer a lot.

Where will the Asia Cup be held?

India’s objection to state games. On the other hand, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has threatened to boycott the World Cup in India if it cannot host the Asia Cup. And that is natural if India doesn’t come to Pakistan to play Asia Cup then Pakistan also won’t go to India to play World Cup.

In this context, BCB President Papon said, ‘We have not been informed about the Asia Cup by the ACC. But it will. It is difficult to say where it will be. As far as I know, there are two options. One is the hybrid model. Another is in your own country. If it is a hybrid model, it will be between Pakistan and UAE. And if it is a single country, it can be any country. But it is very possible, Sri Lanka has more opportunities.

Bangladesh can also host the Asia Cup. Neither India nor Pakistan has any objection to playing in Bangladesh. BCB why did not show enthusiasm? Papon’s reply to such a question, ‘Bangladesh was also proposed. But since there will be rain in Bangladesh at that time, ODI will be played. If it was a T20, we could have taken a chance. In ODI I think it will not be possible to play then. That’s why when we were offered, we said, it was not possible.

If the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan, India has agreed to play in the country’s proposed hybrid model on one condition. In that case, the BCCI wants a written confirmation that Pakistan will play the ODI World Cup in India at the end of the year.

According to media reports, ‘Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is getting support from other countries to host the Asia Cup, BCCI is also showing interest in playing the hybrid model. But the BCCI has added new conditions. They want Pakistan to give written assurance to India to play in ODI World Cup in October 2023. The BCCI intends to formally accept the proposal at a general meeting in Ahmedabad on May 27.

India is not willing to travel to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup, they have offered to play their matches at neutral venues. This is called a hybrid model. Pakistan is also not willing to host outside of its own event. But due to India’s stubborn stand, PCB agreed to the hybrid model proposal. Chairman of the organization Najam Shetty told the media that if India does not play the Asia Cup, the chances of Pakistan going to the upcoming World Cup are very unlikely.

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