Physical examination is important when men reach the age of 40

Physicals Are Important for Men Over 40
Physicals Are Important for Men Over 40

Men’s do not pay much attention to their bodies while managing the family. Many people don’t get a chance to spend some time for their body in the busyness of the whole day. Eating and drinking do not follow a timetable, eat when it wants, eat what it can. By doing this, just as ACDT is born in the body, various diseases are also born in the body. As a result diet or gym, in most cases slowly becomes useless. But the most important thing for a healthy life is good health. If a major disease is understood before it is caught in the body, it is possible to avoid major risks. Therefore, experts believe that it is very important to have some physical examination when over 40 years of age.

Which 5 tests should be done?

1) Hormones:

An imbalance in the hormone called testosterone can cause a disease called hypogonadism. About one-third of men suffer from this hormonal problem after the age of 40. However, some girls also suffer from this disease. Therefore, it is necessary to check the level of this hormone after the age of 37/40 years in both cases. Vitamin B12 and serum ferritin levels should also be checked.

2) Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. After reaching the age of 40 it is important to check this gland. Experts say that most of these cancers can be treated very well if caught early. So it is better to check the gland without neglecting it.

3) Diabetes:

The problem of diabetes is now in every house. Before I knew it was due to heredity. But this idea is completely wrong. This disease can occur at any time. And after 40, the risk of this disease increases a lot. Both men and women can have a disease like diabetes. So it is important to be careful in advance. Know if you have diabetes by taking an empty stomach blood test. Many times, if there is a risk of developing diabetes in the future, it can be detected if it is tested in advance.

4) Lipid profile:

It is a major disease factor. This disease can affect both men and women. High blood cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart problems and stroke. Therefore, after reaching 40 it is necessary to check the level of love substance in the blood. Early warning can save lives.

5) Stress:

At 40 many are in the middle of a career. Not only work but also family pressure. All in all, the pressure on the mind increases. Not only for external reasons but also in your own mind, there are various tensions in middle age. Avoiding these is not right. Expert advice is required. So take time to check with a doctor’s advice.

Finally know. You are suffering for your family but if your body is fine then you and your family are Mongol. It is important to be healthy in present times because if we eat a little good food instead of being addicted to junk food, both body and mind will be good.

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