“Why Justin Trudeau is the perfect example of a successful Prime Minister”

"A true leader: how Justin Trudeau is Quickly Becoming one of Canada's Most Successful Prime Ministers"
Justin Trudeau: The Prime Minister Who is Making a Difference

Justin Trudeau’s whole life story Justin Trudeau is currently the 23rd successful Prime Minister of Canada. and a famous celebrity in the world. His party’s name is Liberal Party. He is a successful Prime Minister. When he won in 2015 with a record majority. Who doesn’t know him? Trudeau is not a leader, he is a favorite of people all over the world. Whose magical beautiful face shakes the heart of any woman. That is why this person has taken place in the heart of any woman in the world. Justin Trudeau. Trudeau always says love for you will last a lifetime of respect Because I have become the Prime Minister for you Justin Trudeau’s speech at the time of the epidemic coronavirus. also appeared in the media around the world. He said Don’t worry, I’m by your side I promise as long as the Coronavirus lasts I will send help to all your houses Only you help me. From today, none of you will go out of the house You are my oxygen I live for you And you will find me by your side as long as I live. Justin Trudeau is a great leader he also respects all religions Full Name: Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Nick Name Little Potato. Height 6 feet 2 inches. Education: Bachelor Married in 2005 Justin Trudeau’s Father Name: Late. Joseph Philippe Pierre Trudeau. [Former Prime Minister of Canada] Mother: Margaret Trudeau Spouse: Sophie Gregoria Trudeau Married in 2005.

He was Born December 25, 1971, at 9:27 pm in Ottawa Civic Hospital, Canada. He was born on Christmas Day.







Sophie Gregoria Trudeau



Children: Daughter: Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, Born: 2009 Son: Xavier James Trudeau Born: 2007 youngest son: Hadrian Trudeau, Born: 2014



Justin Trudeau’s Sibling: Sister-Sarah Elisabeth Coyne younger Brother: Alexandre Trudeau youngest brother: Late. Michel Trudeau

Hobbies: Snowboarding Boxing Boozy Jumping White Water Rafting Ethnicity: Scottish and French of Canadian descent Justin Trudeau Education.


He started his school life from Rockcliffe park public school. His father Joseph Philippe Pierre Trudeau started his education from that school.



After graduation, Trudeau worked as a teacher in Vancouver, University of British Columbia.


Before leaving the service in 2003. he completed a one-year engineering program at the Ecole Polytechnic in Montreal. Justin Trudeau began his postgraduate degree.


in environmental geography at McGill University in 2005 but dropped out a year later.


He then used his popularity in a TV miniseries called Justin Trudeau’s “The Great War”. And from there he became a celebrity. Trudeau had many hobbies in politics since childhood. So he always supported his father’s Liberal Party. From a young age, his knowledge and ideas were brilliant. He understood what he was thinking. There will be something better if you manage what you do. All knowledge would give ideas. While in high school, he was promoted to a higher post by senior Liberal Party leaders. The senior leaders of his party listened to his advice and acted. . Senior leaders valued Trudeau’s small-mindedness. Justin Trudeau became more involved in the Liberal Party after his father’s death. After the Liberal Party lost an election in 2006.

He was given the responsibility of youth renewal. When a senior Liberal Party senior leader retires. he is given full charge of the party through a 2008 election. From then on, he would give very good advice to the other members of his team. including the senior leader, on various issues. How to take his Liberal Party to the top of popularity in the country. He used to meet the leaders at least 5/6 times a month and thus he was recognized as a popular leader of the Liberal Party.

There was no shortage of people questioning his qualifications. Critics of his own party and the opposition have always questioned whether Trudeau. could be as good a politician as his father. Or to be the future Prime Minister? Because while in parliament. Trudeau would not make economic or any other important speech. Many critics smiled when Trudeau entered parliament. Then some people used to say among themselves that celebrities. have come to the parliament. Many critics have said that Justin Trudeau does not seem to be as popular. as a politician because of his celebrity status.

Celebrity and politics cannot be one. This is a critical analysis of Trudeau. But Trudeau responded by blowing up all the ideas of the critics. Justin Trudeau is a man who can be a celebrity. a great leader, a popular prime minister of the world’s second-largest state. Then there was the election in October 2015. the longest election campaign of Justin Trudeau. himself with his wife and party leaders. In that election, his party, the Liberal Party, did better than in previous elections.

His party did worse than expected. from opinion polls, which saw them gaining about 184 seats, with 39.47% voting. Justin Trudeau has been elected the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. His election promise was that if he came to power and formed a government. he would increase the income tax of the upper class and reduce the income tax of the middle class. Because according to Trudeau, everyone has the right to be well. So he made this announcement of income tax first.

He then further announced in his election pledge. that he would form an ideal and transparent government while maintaining. good relations with the tribes. Because Indigenous people are the real people of Canada. It is our responsibility and duty to all of us to give them equal importance. So it is good for us to have good relations with the tribes. Then in 2019, Justin Trudeau won for the second time, and his party was the Liberal Party. Forms the government.

Justin Trudeau did not win as many votes this term as before. 157 seats, which was 33.1%, 6.37% less than in the 2015 election. This is why, as Trudeau said, the people of such a large country are always doing something wrong to one of us. And if it is wrong, people will not be by their side, that is normal. So I have to find the mistakes of my government and solve them. If you want to earn the trust of people. So I’m going to work. Justin Trudeau added that he would continue to serve those who did not vote for him. They have to believe in me because I have become the Prime Minister today and once again to serve the people. And it is my responsibility to serve the people. I apologize for the past mistakes.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father’s Pierre Trudeau Born: 18 October 1919 Montreal, Canada, Pierre Trudeau, was the former 15th Prime Minister of Canada. he was also a Successful Prime Minister of Canada for two terms. He was prime minister from 1968 to 1979 he again re-elected Prime Minister from 1980 to 1984.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a lawyer by profession. was Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 1967–1968. later became involved in politics.



He entered politics in 1960 by joining the Liberal Party of Canada. In 1968, he took over as a full-fledged liberal. Pierre Trudeau became Canada’s 15th Prime Minister in 1968. He taught Justin Trudeau everything in politics. Justin Trudeau entered politics at the hands of his father. and his father became a skilled politician like Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


As a child, he traveled to many countries of the world with his father.


He came to Bangladesh once in 1983 on an official visit with his father.

Justin Trudeau also has memories with his father. Pierre Trudeau, when he went on a tour of Malaysia with his father in 1982. Mahathir Mohamad was then the President of Malaysia. In 2018, Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister. and met with Malaysian President Mahathir Mohamad to shake hands with him. She has many unknown memories with her father.

Justin Trudeau, the father of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. died in 2000 in Montreal. Canada at the age of 80. Justin Trudeau said with great sadness that he was proud of his father’s ideals. to follow my father’s principles and ideals and the right direction. So that I too will take my father’s Liberal Party to the top with respect. Respecting my father’s principles and ideals, I will one day be the Prime Minister of Canada as my father. His words have become a reality and he became the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. And Justin Trudeau, like his father. is still the successful Prime Minister of Canada for two terms on behalf of the Liberal Party.


Justin Trudeau Mother: Margaret Trudeau


Born: 10 September 1948, Vancouver, Canada Nationality: Canadian Justin Trudeau Mother first married in 1971. to the then Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau. Margaret Trudeau divorced Pierre Trudeau in 1984. Margaret Trudeau married Ottawa real-estate developer Fried Kemper. the father of two children, for the second time in the same year. In 1999, she divorced her second husband, Fried Kemper. Children including 5: First husband Pierre Trudeau has 3 sons in the house. Justin Trudeau, Alexandre Trudeau, and the late Michel Trudeau. The second husband had two children in Fried Kemper’s house. But the children are in the previous room with two-second husbands Fried Kemper. Son Kyle Kemper, Born: 1984 and daughter Alicia Kemper Born: 1988 She was an honorary president of WaterAid Canada from 2002 to 2017.

Encourages poor people in developing countries to build water supply and sanitation services. He visited Mali in 2014 as the Ambassador of Water Aid Canada. Trudeau received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. from the University of Western Ontario. in 2013 in recognition of his work on mental illness. She wrote a book, Changing My Mind. about her personal experience with bipolar disorder. Spouse: Sophie Gregoria Trudeau Attended high school. in the private pension du Saint-Phnom-de-Marie in Outremont.

He later joined the college of Jan-de-Braff. Dad’s desire to build a career before studying Commerce at McGill University. But after a while, he left and graduated. With a degree in communication from the university. Born: April 24, 1975, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. she is celebrity Justin Trudeau Siblings Younger brother Alexandre Trudeau Also born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1973. He is a Canadian filmmaker, journalist, and author of Barbarian Lost. A documentary embedded in Baghdad in 2003.

Made by Alexandre Trudeau for the CTV television program W-FIVE. It records Trudeau’s experience with a middle-class family living in Baghdad. before and during the US bombing of the A-Saad family. He is the second son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Justin Trudeau’s youngest brother Michelle Trudeau Michelle Trudeau later died in a snowstorm while skiing. with three friends in British Columbia. Although two friends survived.

Michelle Trudeau later died in a snowstorm at Glacier Provincial Park Kokanee Lake. 3 days later his body was found in the lake. He died on 13 November 1998 at the age of 23. He was the youngest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Then came the shadow of mourning in Trudeau’s family. Trudeau has not forgotten his youngest brother for a while yet. His youngest brother was talented and loved to play. Ice skiing was his favorite sport of all.

Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has two more half-siblings Sarah Elisabeth Coyne Daughter of Pierre Trudeau. Deborah Coyne Born: May 5, 1991, Canadian constitutional lawyer, professor, and author. She is the cousin of journalist Andrew Coyne and actress Susan Coyne. and the niece of former Bank of Canada governor James Elliott Coyne. Kyle Kemper Son of Margaret Trudeau, Fried Kemper. and Justin Trudeau’s half-brother is a Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Swiss Key. a universal digital wallet for managing cryptocurrencies. Kyle Kemper, Born: 1984, Alicia Kemper Daughter of Margaret Trudeau, Fried Kemper. and Justin Trudeau’s half-sister Born: 1988. He is the most successful Prime Minister of Canada and he is the best in the world and a great leader in the world. Such as good relations with leaders around the world. There is also a good relationship with ordinary people. Justin Trudeau is a great leader he also respects all religions. There is no arrogance He is a great man and celebrity An angel at the top of humanity He spread the symbol of peace all over the world Sometimes a hero, sometimes a leader Sometimes husband, sometimes father I wish him all the best

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